Bradd Parker Photography | Chatsworth, GA

Meet the Artist

Bradd Parker, portrait artist and award winning photographer is a master of the tools and techniques, which allows him to deliver the creativeness that each portrait he takes shows. Whether your style is traditional or photojournalistic, he can create a session especially for you. His patience and creativity has earned him to be qualified as one of the best photographers in the United States.

While traveling the United States with the world’s best photographers, he trades ideas and techniques and brings to his hometown studio where he creates his own unique style of professional photography. With each portrait session, he understands that each subject he photographs is different. Custom lighting is one of the many techniques he will use to bring out their true soul. With every session he guarantees his work will touch your life and the lives to come.

“We believe that life is measured in memories not years.”


Our Mission Statement

On the windy hills of the Appalachian Mountains, each morning the sun spills over the mountain top shedding light onto our studio and our faces, where we capture the souls of human life.

The essence of our lifestyle is to capture the precious memories and timeless events throughout our lives.

When you display our fine art, it will be to your home and your family a rich image of beauty and a precious piece of art.

The seamless structures of our capabilities and artistic abilities are guaranteed to touch your life and the love’s to come.